We live in the Crimea, in the city of Sevastopol.
The first bull terrier in our house appeared in 1991. His name was Handsome Emperor.
Since it our endless love to the English bull terrier has begun.
Then in 1995 we got Angelina who lived with us until 02.02.2006
In 2008 I brought from Moscow Lelusyu (RUS TERER HADI LILY)
In 2009 Lyudvichka has been brought to us (LUDWIG L`OBEISSANT GELIET)
In 2011, in our house has settled one of the daughters of Ludwig - Amira (AMIRA)
And in 2012 a miniature bull terrier Kroshechka has came to us from Poland (KIND TINY KISS Bull Position)
At 2015 - from St. Petersburg has been brought KEMP KEY FOR ENGLISH HOOLIGAN
28.03.2016 - we've got a surprise - EXZIBET DENNI FOURTH ENGLISH HOOLIGAN